five states of freedom #5

five states of freedom [number 5] – 1.08 mins, 2014
Shot at the Rocky Flats Plant, a nuclear weapons plant 15 miles outside of Denver that manufactured balls of plutonium integral in the creation of nuclear bombs. Operating from 1952 to 1992 the plant saw a number of unreported accidents that sent radioactive particulates into the atmosphere. On several occasions, barrels of radioactive waste were found leaking into open fields. In 1957 and 1969 fires sent plumes of radioactive material over the Denver metro area. After FBI raids Rocky Flats was eventually shut down in 1989. Now a “wildlife refuge,” the site literally sits on the edge of a number of new suburban housing developments.

With notes from Under The ‘Nuclear Shadow’ Of Colorado’s Rocky Flats, NPR, June 12, 2012